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Frequently Asked Questions

What Meal Plans Are Available?

If you are residing in a resident hall that does not have a full kitchen (Traditional and Suite Lifestyle Housing), you need to choose from one of the "full traditional meal plans" (All Access, 15 Meal Plan, 12 Meal Plan, 10 Meal Plan) or from one of the "plus plans" (All Access Plus Plan, 15 Plus Meal Plan, 12 Plus Meal Plan, 10 Plus Meal Plan). 

All information is shown per semester. If you are living in a resident hall, the cost of the meal plan is included in the room and board rates. 

Meal PlanHiggins Cafe AccessDining Dollars/ SemesterGuest PassesLate Night SwapsCost/ Semester
All Access Plus Meal PlanUnlimited$755Yes$2,165
All Access Meal PlanUnlimited$505No$1,830
15 Meal Plan15 Meals/ Week$1605No$1,830
15 Plus Meal Plan15 Meals/ Week$1855Yes$2,165
12 Meal Plan12 Meals/ Week$2105No$1,830
12 Plus Meal Plan12 Meals/ Week$2355Yes$2,165
10 Meal Plan10 Meals/ Week$2905No$1,830
10 Plus Meal Plan10 Meals/ Week$3155Yes$2,165
5 Meal Plan5 Meals/ Week$200-No$930
100 Meal Plan100 Meals/ Semester$550-No$1,420

What Is A Plus Plan?

The Plus Plans provide an additional $25 Dining Dollars per semester and 1 late night Swap per day in the Bistro (9:00pm - 2:30am).

When Can I Change My Meal Plan?

Plans are chosen on a per-semester basis; you can change your plan at any time during the first two weeks of each semester. 

How Do I Change My Meal Plan?

Log into portal and use the "housing and dining self-service" to add or change a meal plan.

When Do Meal Counts Reset?

Meal counts of weekly meal plans (15, 12, 10, 5) reset every Monday morning.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are included with your meal plan and added to your OneCard (you Clark ID card). They can be used like cash at any of the on-campus dining facilities (Higgins Cafe, Bistro, Jazzman's or the Coffee Shop At Student Engagement Center).

Do Unused Dining Dollars Roll Over?

Your Dining Dollars left over from the fall semester roll over to the spring semester, as long as you remain enrolled in a meal plan (it doesn't need to be the same plan). Dining Dollars left over from the spring semester do not roll over to the next year, so use them and don't lose them!

What Is The Different Between The Cash Card And Dining Dollars?

You can use your Dining Dollars at on-campus dining facilities only (Higgins Cafe, Bistro, Jazzman's or the Coffee Shop At Student Engagement Center), while your Cash Card dollars can be used at any on-campus dining facility, as well as at the bookstore and a variety of local merchants, in vending machines on campus, and for on-campus printing. 

Learn more about the Cash Card and get a full list of locations that accept it. 

What Are "Swaps"?

A Take 3 "swap" is designed to provide opportunities for you to enjoy meals in the Bistro as part of your dining plan, and is a good meal option for when you're on the go. You may choose from a select Swaps menu in the Bistro, and the meals are deducted from your weekly Higgins Cafe meals balance. 

However, if you're on an All Access Plan or All Access Plus Plan participant and select a meal to swap at the Bistro, Higgins Cafe access is unavailable until the next meal period. Students on other meal plans may swipe in either location for any meal period, up to their weekly allotted meals buy may only swap once per meal period in the Bistro. 

What Dining Options Are Available At The Higgins Cafe?

Higgins Cafe boasts multiple dining options, with a flexible schedule and a variety of meal options, from trendsetting to traditional, including a full salad bar, hot meal plates, pizzas and sandwiches. The Cafe can accommodate special dietary needs, including Simple Servings, Kosher, vegetarian and vegan.

Can Clark Accommodate My Food Allergy?

Clark Dining Services prides itself on accommodating your dietary needs. If you have allergies or specific dietary needs, meet with Dining Services General Manager Michael Newmark ( at the beginning of the semester so we can best know how to serve you.

What Are The Meal Plan Requirements?

If you live in Traditional and Suite Lifestyle Housing, you may choose the All Access, 15, 12, or 10 Meal Plans or any Plus Meal Plans. Apartment Lifestyle Housing includes the 5 Meal Plan by default, but you may upgrade to a larger plan if you prefer. As a sophomore, junior or senior, you may opt out of a meal plan only if you live in Apartment Lifestyle Housing. For more information, visit

Can I Waive The Meal Plan Requirements?

Waivers for the meal plan requirement are very rare, and are only provided if it is determined that Clark Dining Services cannot meet your medically documented dietary needs.

How Is Food At Higgins Cafe Prepared?

Unlike many other university dining facilities, Clark Dining Services makes meals from scratch - they are not prepackaged or previously frozen. We're so proud of this that we give tours of the kitchen facilities throughout the semester so you can see for yourself how the food is prepared. 

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